About Our School
School Principles

Inspire students to become continuous learners who actively and dynamically participate in society

Keep in mind the purpose of nurturing the development of students
Cultivate students who are eager to learn and willing to take action to become the foundation of a thriving society
Offer high quality classes and nurture students to have high ambitions
Nurture students to have appreciation and love of the local region as well as an international perspective through local education and interaction as well as through international exchange
Nurture students to have high ambitions, and increase their desire to learn due to the use of systematic career oriented education (career development)
Nurture students to be fully conscious of belonging to the group of society, as well as having vitality and ambition to act independently


至誠励業 Shiseireigyou:Sincerity and Enthusiasm

究理創造 Kyourisouzou:Innovative Research and Creativity


To form the academic ability to respond to the new era, endeavor to enlighten creative ability, cultivation of the qualities leading to the formation of good citizens and qualified company employees
Train the mind and body, and cultivate a deep feeling of cooperative spirit, and personal growth
Respect the natural resources and culture of the local area, develop an international perspective, cultivate students who actively strive for self-development.


1923 (T.12) Founding of Kesennuma Jikka Girl’s School
1948 (S. 23) Establishment of Miyagi Prefecture Kesennuma Girl’s Senior High School
1951 (S. 26) School name is changed to Miyagi Prefecture Kanae-ga-Ura High School


1927 (S. 2) Founding of Miyagi Prefecture Kesennuma Junior High School
1948 (S. 23) Establishment of Miyagi Prefecture Kesennuma Senior High School


2005 (H. 17) Official Opening Ceremony of “Miyagi-ken Kesennuma Senior High School” (after the closure of Kanae-ga-Ura High School and the merger of its classes and students onto the campus of Kesennuma High School)

Official school symbol, motto, and uniform were adopted. (Prefectural BoEd)
Construction of a new building for Night School students

2007 (H. 19) Construction of a Secondary Gymnasium

2008 (H.20) Official Designation and Start of Kesennuma ESD Program (Education for Sustainable Development) (City Board of Education) Designation as a “UNESCO School”

2011 (H. 23) “East Japan Great Disaster” (Earthquake and Tsunami on March 11). From March to September several buildings (gymnasium, Martial Arts rooms, Memorial Hall) were used as temporary evacuation shelters for displaced families who had lost their homes.

2016 (H. 28) Official Designation of Kesennuma High School as a “Super Global High School (SGH)” (Ministry of Culture, Education & Science)


In April 2018, Kesennuma High School and Kesennuma West High School will merge and consolidate. Kesennuma West High School’s entire student body will transfer over to the present campus of Kesennuma High School. The consolidated school will have standard academic courses to prepare students for advanced studies at University. The aim is to nurture students to become future leaders within the local region. Preparations are currently in progress for a smooth transition and consolidation of the two schools and the integration of the students and classes